Padel Tennis

Padel Tennis

Eddie Irvine Sports hosts the first two indoor padel tennis courts in Northern Ireland. Compared to tennis, the court is smaller and has no doubles lanes and the net is lower. Padel tennis is played with a solid padel as opposed to a strung racquet and a depressurised tennis ball is used along with an underhand serve. It's quick and easy to learn and most importantly, it's great fun!

Want to learn/train with qualified Padel coaches, an easy way to learn about the sport whilst improving your game! Keep an eye out for our Padel events online and on social media.  Padel Northern Ireland has it's own facebook page also - like thier page and get up to date information on competitions and tournaments!

To recap:

  • Padel Tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
  • It is typically played as ‘Doubles’ (2 vs 2).
  • Padel tennis is played on an enclosed court that is 1/3rd  the size of a normal tennis court.
  • The balls that are used are similar to tennis balls with a little less pressure.
  • Padel tennis is played with a stringless racket of the  same name called a ‘PADEL’.


  • £10 per hour per court

Quick-Fire Rules

  • Points system is largely the same as tennis. 15,30,40. The Deuce and Advantage rules apply and from Deuce the team must win two consecutive points to win the game.
  • The first team to win 6 games by a clear margin of 2 games will win the SET.
  • Every point begins with a serve and there are also 2nd Serves if the ball fails to clear the net or if the ball fails to land in the receivers box. (Diagonal). If the ball hits the line it is good.
  • If the serve hits the glass fence before the ground it is OUT.
  • All serves must be below waist height and served under-arm.
  • Each player will receive the serve alternatively.
  • Each pair of players must hit the ball alternatively – or it will be a DOUBLE HIT.
  • The ball should be returned before bouncing a 2nd time.
  • Points will be lost if the ball bounces twice on the opponents side, if a player returns a ball before it goes over the net or if a player serves two consecutive faults.
  • If the ball splits during the game or if the point is interrupted it may be repeated.


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